DSC_88Above all, massage means relaxation. Through touch, pressure and movement the body softens and loosens up. The blood flow improves, toxins are removed faster, the autonomic nervous system comes to rest and settles. People differ, but almost everyone experiences that impact. The result is a calm, relaxed state of being.



That’s not all however. The way you live your life from day to day is reflected in your body in many different ways. People use the words attitude, stance and posture to refer to both physical and mental phenomena, and with good reason. In the body you can find traces of stress, tension caused by improper posture, emotions, pent-up anger, frustration, grief and many other things.


Massage helps you to let go. Sometimes it happens just like that, sometimes it needs a little attention. And when you start to let go, there will be room for change. You might suddenly find yourself loosening up, or becoming a bit more resilient. Remember, everybody has their own needs. Undergoing such a change is a beautiful experience that will stay with you long after the end of the massage.









About me

DSC_125I received my training in holistic massage, Swedish massage and deep-tissue techniques at the Akademie voor Massage en Beweging (Academy for massage and movement therapy) in Amsterdam. In the years after, through experience, training and professional exchange, I developed a very personal style that contains elements of Trager and Rolfing, energy work, triggerpoint, holistic pulsing, shiatsu, reiki and bio-energetics.

I practice independently and in a number of prestigious spa’s and hotels in Amsterdam.

In massaging many of my earlier experiences merge wonderfully: studies in movement sciences and biology, decades in sport (both as an athlete and as a trainer/coach), a career in human resources management, business consulting, project management and writing/publishing teaching materials for highly gifted children, being a father of two children (who are grown-ups by now) and simply the years lived. All contributes to who I am now and what I can do for my clients.



To make an appointment please send a text message or app to +31 6 439 89 592 or send an e-mail to e.barnard@chello.nl

Massages take place near Overtoom, Amsterdam.



The fee for a standard one hour massage for private customers is €60,-. That is sufficient for a complete relaxing massage. Introductory rate for this massage is €40,-

Other options are 45 min. (€50,-), 75 min. (€70,-) or 90 min. (€80,-). Introductory discount (€20,-) is applicable here as well.

On special request I also massage at location. Please contact me for details and conditions.